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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 43

Last week of February which means the concerts season is about to start (beginning with our dear Minifestivalso eager to see all the bands of it's terrific line-up). Meanwhile, and faithful to "our traditions", we have prepared a new round of our TOP TEN playlist series. This time, you can enjoy with the music of consecrated bands like Death Cab for Cutie or the comeback of Juliana Hatfield ( after 21 years!) or dive into the new discoveries proposals like Personal Best (totally in shock with this song) or The Gentle Isolation, a lovely recommendation hailing from the Philippines. As always, this is also available at our Soundcloud blog page. So, join us!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Indie Anthology 58: essential songs

It's been a great shoegazing weekend, so why not keeping up with the vibes in our anthology? Here's one of my favourite bands from that period. Ear-exploding sounds!

Song: Sweetness & Light
Artist: Lush
Year: 1990
Lush is my (original generation) second favourite shoegaze band, right after Slowdive (no one beats Rachel Goswell).It's kind of funny because I first got into the band thanks to Britpop, in particular Jarvis Cocker and his collaboration in 'Ciao!' (my brother was and still is a big Pulp fan, even bigger than me). And they did pen wonderful pop songs (Single Girl', 'Ladykillers', '500')... but one started to dig into the past and kaboom! What a heavenly band! Take 'Sweetness and Light' for instance. These chiming guitars with the otherworldly vocals echoing the melody, the inviting tempo, dream and ride at the same time. The subtle moment the tune stops (2:30) and there's that watered (or is it glass?) noise before the instrumental section arises. This is how the music must sound in space. Haunting, mysterious, unapproachable, irresistible. Shoegaze takes you places. Places full of emotion. Don't miss the trip.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Discoverer 111: new indie findings

Not one, not two, not three bands on our discoverer series today.... BUT THIRTY! It's a very special, celebratory day on shoegaze. Ready? Then, here we go. Ladies & gentlemen, we're floating in space!

Revolution- The Shoegaze Revival. My beloved Slowdive last year, Ride on tour this season. Swervedriver, Medicine... the 'Beautiful Noise' documentary. Is there a shoegaze comeback, a revival? It might be, but for many of us, it was simply never gone. Because many musicians out there, not that popular, far from the spotlights, are still trying to bring their guitars to another level, to familiar yet unknown territories. And today I have the pleasure of presenting you one of the most exciting examples of that will ever be compressed into digital audio (let's hope for a physical release, too). It's called 'Revolution- The Shoegaze Revival', and it's a shoegaze gift. A labour of love for music.

Curated by UK label Ear to Ear Records and Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif, 'Revolution' is a compilation featuring 30 bands from 16 countries, covering 5 of the 6 inhabited continents, selected purely on the basis of their music. This worldwide love affair for shoegaze must not be mistaken for a tribute album on the iconic bands of the now vindicated genre. All tunes here are genuine original material for the bands, making this selection a mind blowing start to introduce oneself into a huge amount of exciting music that deserves to be heard (110% you're going to see some of the bands on forthcoming "Discoverer Series" on this Blog).

So, please listen, download (name your price at bandcamp) and, for sure, enjoy. The bands deserve it. The amount of excellent tunes, diverse and open-minded, gathered here is just mesmerizing. Kudos to everyone that has been involved in this extraordinary effort. And special thanks to Shauna McLarnon and Louis Lawrenson for approaching me. World shoegazer fans, unite!


Friday, February 20, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 42

Imagine that you can visit all continents at the same time and without leaving your couch. This is one of the magic things that music offer us: discovering new vibrant bands from over the world in just one TOP TEN playlist. We propose you to begin the trip in Sydney with the jangle pop of Ray Davies, then visit Tokyo thanks to Youthmemory, come to Europe and spend some time in Ireland with Villagers, then maybe enjoy Barcelona with the surf pop of Big Summer, go to the States to visit Morels or Funeral Advantatge and, finally, end the route in Chile with Parrot Dream's pop. And remember, this is also available at our Soundcloud blog page.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

These Go to 11: interviewing The Fireworks

Sometimes songs become etched in your mind for long, demanding you to sing them again & again. That's the case with The Fireworks music since we discovered them two years ago. So imagine how delighted are we to have Mattew Rimell and their eloquent answers on our second interview of 2015. These Go to 11! 

The Fireworks, indiepop pyromaniacs
Matthew Rimell, The Fireworks 
Formed in 2011, when friends finally convinced Matthew Rimell to transform the songs he was singing them over the phone into a proper band, the London-Brighton quartet, composed by Rimell, Emma Hall (Pocketbooks), Isabel Albiol (Things in Herds) and Shaun Charman (The Popguns, The Wedding Present, wow!) stole our hearts and ears with their self-titled debut EP in March 2013 via (of course) Shelflife. That first release was followed by the 7'' 'Runaround' that same year, while 2014 saw them involved in collaborations like 'Nobody's Business' and the recording of their highly anticipated first album, 'Switch Me On', finally out this month. Relentless noise-pop, instant catchy melodies and vocal harmonies infused on feedback... A flawless LP where distorsion and reverb meets melodic pop, full of hooks and punch-perfect tunes. Here we go!

Sounds like a load of hick wap, over over!
1. First record that you bought (be honest)
First record bought for me by my Nan was 'My Boy Lollipop' by Millie Small when I was about four. First record I made my mum & dad buy me was 'Knock on Wood' by Amii Stewart, and first record I bought myself was The Fall's 'The Man Whose Head Expanded'.

2. First and last concert you have attended (be honest too!)
First gig I went was The Fall at Trinity Hall, Bristol 1983 and last gig was our own gig at Rough Trade, launching the album (can I say that?). Before that was The JMC gig doing 'Psychocandy' late last year.

Generating endless songs & flares since mid 60s
3. Guilty pleasure (song/band you shouldn’t like but you do, yes, it’s the embarrassing question)
It took me ages to explore progressive rock. A friend literally made me listen, almost as a sort of challenge. I really like Van Der Graff Generator. They’re not the easiest band to listen to, but when you get into it, they are unbelievably clever, musically & lyrically. When I saw them live (a few times, when they reformed) you could feel the love/fondness they have for each other, really magical. Mind you, there’s prog I just can’t tolerate. Maybe, I’ll give it a go when I’m a pensioner. No way! There’s prog & there’s prog, in the same way as anything else.

To die for a Primal Scream 7''
4. Most precious music item you own (collector mode on)
Well, if I didn’t have certain 7” singles I would probably lose it. I remember bringing home a hand full of Creation 7” and being completely knocked out by Primal Scream’s 'All Fall Down/It Happens'. If anything happened to that single, they might have to come and take me away. Yes, I wouldn’t be right. I feel the same way about Razorcuts' 'Sorry To Embarrase You' 12”, four tracks that completely stir and move the soul. Life isn’t the same after those songs.

5. Favorite lyrics (not yours)
The first lyrics to truly move me and make me realise stuff, was getting into Joy Division, when I was 13. They were the first band I truly got into. I can’t listen to 'New Dawn Fades' by them too much, probably once every few years… Otherwise I’d be an emotional wreck. But yes, 'New Dawn Fades' makes me cry, almost instantly. It’s also Ian’s voice there is something otherness and fragile about it.

Lawrence, the enigmatic king of Belgravia
6. Musician/s you would like to meet (should be alive, for obvious reasons, but you can choose a dead one too)
Never meet your heroes, really and truly don’t. Although, I interviewed Lawrence from Felt a couple of years ago because we (Big Pink Cake) were putting on his film and he was really sweet. He was highly entertaining and just lovely to meet. I’m afraid though nerves might get the better of me in these situations… I’d much rather send a clone of myself to do it and then report back. I think that people you admire it’s the mystery and what it conjures up in your head, why burst the bubble?

7. Favorite artwork album (not yours)
Too many to mention. Joy Division – 'Unknown Pleasures'. Beat Happening – 'Black Candy'. Siouxsie and the Banshees – 'The Scream'. The Jesus and Mary Chain – 'Psychocandy'. It really has to present something about the music, the band. Something that’s true to the bone, or why bother really? I think the look is incredibly important, especially for people who function in a more visual way and like to explore everything in time to the music and are able to lose them self.

The one & only Count Dracula
8. Books or movies? Depending on your answer recommend us one (trick: you can choose both) 
I love black and white stuff, film that done to maximize on expression is just so great. 'Citizen Kane', 'Mildred Pierce', 'Psycho', 'Metropolis', anything with Bela Lugosi in it. A rainy Saturday or Sunday, is there anything better than curling up to a good film? Books, stark stuff like George Orwells – 'Nineteen Eighty Four', 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Philip K Dick, 'War of the Worlds' by H. G. Wells.

9. Song (of yours) you are most proud of
I have a problem with the concept of ‘pride’ I don’t get it. Pride seems a bit bloated to me… So I can think of songs that I like… I like ‘Let You Know’ from our new album, 'Switch Me On'… I think the words, sentiment, and feeling, reminds me of something honest and true, to a specific time, which I think is really important. If it doesn't involve honesty, there is no point, in my opinion.

10. What does it mean indie for you? (yes, the “serious question”)
Indie has become to mean something… But it used to mean just independent and that is exactly what it is… Standing on your own ground and creating it yourself. Indie has become a much over used label over the past twenty or more years. Being independent means doing things yourself, being involved in something that you have created and, more importantly, financed yourself… But then there are companies that are independent too, helping independent minded people further there idea. I would love to see a world where people were more independently minded, in everything that they do really. Working small scale is more personal and more relative. Billy Childish recently said ‘name me one thing that’s got bigger and better?’ Schumacher’s book ‘Small is beautiful’ has been massively influential in calling for more localised independent ways of working. Independent stuff gives me hope and in a world that seems increasingly more corporate. It’s massively important that the independent sector exists.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Wow! Who knows? Living it happily I hope. I hope I’m still doing something music related. Or semi retired, working part time, downsizing on the four letter word ‘work’ and living maybe by the sea or The West Country... And the further west you go the better it gets – in terms of scenery. Crossing things off the list, especially counties I’d like to visit and places I’d like to see.

Zillion thanks Matthew, thanks The Fireworks!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Indie Anthology 57: essential songs

Keeping things jangly at the Anthology folks. Here's nothing more than an unmissable classic (thanks to my dear The Fireworks for the inspiration)!

Song: Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow (single version)
Artist: Felt
Year: 1984

Let's be honest. I'm pretty sure 90% of the Spaniards discovered Felt thanks to Belle and Sebastian and the love Stuart Murdoch has always declared for Lawrence music. And I'm also pretty sure the first time we heard Felt tunes got somewhat disappointed because of Lawrence's voice, much more alike to Lou Reed's, Tom Verlaine's or David Byrne's than Stuart's. But for the ones that didn't give out after one listen, we quickly found an incredible lost band. Delicate, strangely downbeat and intimate even in its more joyous moments, impossibly melodic, melodic as heaven, instrumentally delightful. There are many songs I could have chosen ('Ballad of the Band', 'The Day the Rain Came Down' were close) but 'Sunlight', with that post-punk opening that then turns into a eternal jangly guitar riff ringing all over the tune is just too glorious to resist. Yeah, the golden glow, can't you hear it?...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Discoverer 110: new indie findings

Trio of aces in this new chapter of discoveries for your ears only! Enjoy!

Day Ravies. Back down under with this quartet based in Sydney, Australia. Formed in 2011, their self-released debut EP arrived in 2012, creating the buzz for 'Tussle', first album via Popfrenzy in 2013, gaining a most deserved praise. With an online single anticipating their sophomore album, due this year, and the recent release of the 7" 'Hickford Whizz / Taking Time' on Beko Disques, 2015 looks like very exciting times for a combo that are four bands gathered in one. Shoegaze, dream pop, jangle pop, indie-rock... all labels fit but are not enough to explain the range & powers of a group with a ridiculous talent to inject melody & light into the haze, or vigour & edge to pop sweetest pills. On a league of their own
Trust Fund. Formed in 2012 this Bristol, UK, first came into the spotlight in September of 2013 with EP 'Don't Let Them Begin' out through Reeks of Effort, paving the way to the split 7" with Joanna Gruesome a year later via Happy Birthday To Me Records. Now the circle is closed with 'No One's Coming for Us' debut album just out now on Turnstile. Lo-fi, DIY aesthetics and ethics for a band that makes... introverted joyous indie-pop? Does it makes sense? Small, intimate pieces that blossom, at times seemingly just by a matter of chance, into edgier but tuneful, in-your-face melodies. Very special and highly contagious.

The Persian Leaps. We end our music trip in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to meet this trio assembled in 2012, after singer/guitarist Drew Forsberg decided to transform his originally solo project into a full band. In 2013 they release debut EP 'Praise Elephants', which was followed by another EP, 'Drive Drive Delay', out past September, both via Land Ski Records. So, why impatiently wait for their third EP, I enthusiastically suggest you to go listen their stunning songs, old-school noise-pop, where Sugar meets my dear Teenage Fanclub, full of infectious hooks, chiming guitar lines, shimmering vocal harmonies and pumped out melodies. Alive and kicking tunes.