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Friday, September 22, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 160

Long weekend ahead for us, thanks to La Mercè festivity in Barcelona! Something that also means a great bunch of activities to do in the city and obviously, some concerts to go. Of course, all of this mixed with the crazy political situation in Catalonia-Spain that this week has reached unbelievable levels of paranoia. But don't worry, these 'distractions' haven't made us forget our traditional TOP TEN JukeboxThis time, full of indie-pop discoveries, exciting returns (A Certain Smile, Terry vs. Tori) and a terrific Teenage Fanclub cover! Have fun and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 159

Surreal times, folks. Personal celebrations, with a most-welcomed "re-encounter" included, alongside with hospital visits and a political national scenario that really looks like a terrible, bad, gross, supposedly funny movie. Thanks music for helping us not to being schizophrenic, here's a new round of our  TOP TEN Jukebox, as diverse as awesome, coming a bit later than usual (we insist, crazy week), but ready to cheer-up your Sunday, thanks to friends like our beloved The Luxembourg Signal, or the "re-invention" of the great 'George Best' by The Wedding Present, as well as new discoveries like Colombian artist Loyal Lobos or New Zealanders Grawlixes. Take care and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 158

After the brief (always too brief) holidays hiatus, here we are again, bringing you our first TOP TEN Jukebox of September. A playlist full of new discoveries (or at least bands "found" lately) like Worriers, Worst Place or Whispertown, but also bands that have already appeared at the Blog, like Widowspeak (don't miss their new album) and Theatre Royal. Ten eclectic & refreshing tunes ready going to cheer-up for sure your weekend! Have fun and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Agenda of Concerts Fall 2017

Here we are again, ready to begin a new season of concerts! Keeping with one of our traditions, here's our Agenda of Concerts for this Fall. As you could see, there is a name (and a place) that stands out from the rest. YES, we will be in Lisbon seeing The National and their new tunes! But there´s more, with some exciting gigs listed like our beloved LunaFather John Misty, plus some additional 'bonus', bands that we have discovered this year, like Marika Hackman or Aldous Harding. Not bad for the first three months of the season, right? Obviously, this is a making in progress agenda and we hope to add more proposals soon. Have a look and maybe see you there!

Monday 18th - Molly Burch at Fabra i Coats
Friday 22nd – Girlpool at BAM Festival
Friday 22nd –Marika Hackman at BAM Festival
Renaldo & Clara at BAM Festival

Wednesday 11th – Luna at Sala Bikini
Friday 20th - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Sala Bikini
Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd – Primavera Club Festival*
Saturday 28th - The National at Coliseu dos Recreios (Lisbon)

Satuday 4th – BIS Festival at Espai Jove Les Basses
Tuesday 7th - Aldous Harding at La [2]
Tuesday 14th - Spoon at Sala Apolo*
Wednesday 15th- Algiers at Razzmatazz 2*

Saturday 18th - Father John Misty with Weyes Blood at Razzmatazz
Sunday 19th- Julien Baker at La [2]

Listed in yellow. gigs we have doubts about or we have to look into (Primavera Club has just unveiled its line-up)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Discoverer 158: new indie findings

Last round of our happily recovered discoverer series before our holiday break! Guitar driven pop in all sorts of moods: sunny & expansive, but also gloomy & reflective. Three proposals to make your summer soundtrack exciting. Check them out!

Zebra Hunt. We begin in Seattle, Washington, with this quartet formed in 2012, initially as the trio composed of drummer Mitch Leffler, bassist Erik Bennett and singer/guitarist Robert Mercer, quickly delivering their debut EP, ‘Beaches’, out via Manic Pop in 2013. The single ‘Only Way Out’/ 'Get Along' followed that same year, being the first partnership with the always reliable Spanish label Tenorio Cotobade. Tours supporting superb bands as Twerps, Allo Darlin’ or Eternal Summers came before the group released first LP, 'City Sighs' in 2015. In that subsequent tour Zebra Hunt added Aaron Sheedy to the line-up as guitarist and keyboard player, entering the studio a year later with this new formation. The result is 'In Phrases', out since this May, a stunning and hyper-addictive sophomore album, in where jangle-pop meets the immediacy of garage pop, and where you can hear the echoes of our much beloved Antipodean psych-pop, as well as their closer Paisley Underground moods. Melodies, guitars, energy and good deeds. One straight for the 'Best of year lists' folks...

Stutter Steps. Quick jump to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to meet Ben Harrison and his musical project. In the Fall of 2012 Harrison, who works as as the curator for performing arts at The Andy Warhol Museum, decided he wanted to pen his own record after some DIY recordings in the past (he was part of the short-lived indie-pop trio Tourister during early 00's). Inspired by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips, with whom he collaborated in the multi-media adventure the '13 Most Beautiful Project', he assembled a group of local musician friends the following year, locked in an isolated cabin in the woods. along with stellar guests like Wareham or Jeff Baron of Ladybug Transistor. The result, a self-titled album out via Blue Arrow, was a hidden gem of 2015 and happily, now has a follow-up in 'Floored', an EP of six delicious jangle-pop tunes, with inviting warm guitars, flowing vocal harmonies and genuine knack for melodies in the vein of Luna, The Feelies or the quietest moments of my dear The Bats. Not stutter at all, this are giant pop steps...

Agent BlåAnd we cross continents to end in Gothenburg, Sweden, in order to meet this extremely young quintet (all teenagers!) formed around 2015 after a Joy Division competition mic night (do not tell me that Sweden is different... for all the good reasons). The terrific debut 7″ 'Strand' appeared that December in their country, and since this June we can enjoy their self-titled debut album via Luxuy (they are in a roll lately) and Kanine Records (always reliable). And what a blast of an LP this is! Unstoppable post-punk with hints of goth-rock and dream-pop, fuelled by urgency and intensity, and propelled by the fierce vocals of Emilie Alatalo. It's been a while since a debut record on the dark side of indiepop got me that excited. Surrender to the agent blue...

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 157

Despite we are counting down days for our deserved and longed holidays (hoping that the strike at El Prat Airport ends and we are able to fly... or, at some point, we are going to start thinking we are jinxed) we are here still proposing you new tunes at our TOP TEN Jukebox! This week we bring you an old gem thanks to The Siddeleys, but also plenty of new discoveries like the jangle-pop proposal of Verandan, the Summer vibes of Walter Etc or the indiepop from the Singaporean band Sobs. A lot to discover and enjoy in this new round of our playlist!  Take care and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Indie Anthology 80: essential songs

Let's keep with the recovered pace, so here comes another one for the Indie Anthology! Today we move to Essex, to pay our modest tribute to a very beloved band of the Blog (that his mighty leader David Callahan took his time to answer our questionnaire is among the "achievements" I'm most proud of). One that is very well "alive and kicking", in what, in my humble opinion, easily ranks among the most exciting comebacks in music history. Jangle-noise (what?) courtesy of the pack from Romford!

Song: Magic Triggers 
Artist: The Wolfhounds 
Year: 1990

It started, of course, with me downloading (Audiogalaxy folks, pure Pleistocene era) the über recurrent C-86 compilation. A bunch of wonders (Close Lobsters, Bodines, Shop Assistants and McCarthy, to just name a few), but also quite an amount of fillers (being polite). And then, others with a big question mark on it. Discovery, promise, or just one hit wonders? 'Feeling So Strange Again' was in that category for me. But not for a long time. Not when you discover a blasting tune like 'Anti-Midas Touch', or a record like 'Unseen Ripples from a Pebble'. It was jangle-pop, sure, but there was also bite and lyrics to dig in. And the following discoveries were asking me to dig deeper, more consciously, in that rage and social commentary, while the noise and experimentation kept the group interesting. Raw indiepop. with thorns in every side. What was not to love? Like McCarthy, The Wolfhounds were a group for me. So, to choose just one tune has been excruciating. The aforementioned 'Midas', the perfect combination of grit and mellowness of 'Me', the stormy, sonicyouthesque 'Blown Away', the incarnation of The Fall's gloom in 'Another Hazy Day On The Lazy "A"', or more recently, the mesmerizing melodic urgency of 'Divide and Fall'. Any of them could have gone here. Why the choice of 'Magic Triggers' then? I guess it has to do with the "take no prisoners" upbeat start, or the pressing, contagious immediacy of the tune, or the desperate vocals delivered by David, or the manic guitar halfway of the piece, or the tension, the constant threat between melody and fury. Sums pretty well all the reasons why I love The Wolfhounds and why I think they are among the most criminally underrated bands. Period. Here I rest my case.