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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 48

We know is not Friday, but it's the end of the month and the beginning of Easter Holiday, so why don't we celebrate the days off with great music? Here's a new round of our TOP TEN playlist  full of new discoveries, most awaited acts like our beloved Torres and bands like The Go! Team of the Granite Shore that just nailed it (what a terrific couple of songs). Have fun, the tunes deserve it and remember, this is also available at our Soundcloud blog pageJoin us!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 47

Last week of March, we bet most of you are counting down the days to begin Easter holidays. We deserve a break after a such intense winter, don't you think? So, to enjoy the free time, relax and get away from everything stressful we have compiled a new round of our TOP TEN playlist for youAside from our "regular" latest discoveries the playlist also includes a new song from our beloved friend Cristina Quesada (what a lovely, irresistible cover) and some "usual suspects" of the Blog, our dear labels Fishrider RecordsEl Genio Equivocado or Elefant Records with their new, stunning proposals. A lot to enjoy, you see. Have fun and remember, this is also available at our Soundcloud blog page. So, join us!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Indie Anthology 61: essential songs

The next song in our anthology is another slice of glorious dreampop, but it also serves as a celebration. Seeing them live in less than a month. What a great, unexpected but long awaited surprise!

Song: Superfreaky Memories
Artist: Luna
Year: 1999

Unfortunately, I was never able to catch Luna live. I introduced myself into Dean Wareham's music through his latter incarnations, after getting hypnotised by 'L'Avventura'. Immediately looked for more. The now reactivated combo's greatest hits was like mana from heaven: 'Moon Palace', 'Chinatown', 'Lost in Space', 'Lovedust'... and 'Superfreaky Memories'. Oh what a song! Cathartic, carefully embellished with layers guitars, subtle orchestration, with Wareham's trademark nasal voice telling us glimpses of personal stories (he's a real storyteller) and then... the power surge of the chorus and the incredibly beautiful melody trespassing the blur after the 3.10 minute mark.
But if you allow me, I'm going personal this time (nothing related with drugs, luckily). Luna has always had a cinematic quality. Their tunes have some sort of coolness, a groove, an inner narrative, and incredible power to be associated with snapshots of life. Times, places, faces...memories. My 'Superfreaky' ones are related with two different times. Kind of a sad memory now, it was my most recurrent soundtrack after returning from Seville, a place I used to visit quite frequently during two years some time ago. But at the same time, a very happy one, it's also one of the songs I associate with Idaho and my dear friend & music genius Jeremy Jensen driving us to McCall. I really like the idea of that duality, of how a song shares a lifetime, including bad & good times, with you. Memories you know... Now will have another chapter this April, after (hopefully) hearing the tune live...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 46

Music can be magical, don't you think? If you have a rough day, you can just create a playlist and even forget that you are in this world... The new round of our TOP TEN playlist is a superb proof of that. Starting with Ghost Transmission (we are completely in shock, what a discovery) and following with three "safe bets": Close Lobsters, Joanna Gruesome and Young Romance. A trio of wonders that will transport you to another world, granted! And remember, this is also available at our Soundcloud blog page. So, join us!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Indie Anthology 60: essential songs

What about a slice of heavenly dreampop (ok, slightly noisy) for our next chapter of our anthology? Can't help it, I'm into guitars lately. Let's go to Leeds!

Song: Sight of You
Artist: Pale Saints
Year: 1990

Sure, it sounds like a sister of Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Just Like Honey', the immortal, legendary 'Just Like Honey', but there's nothing you can do about. And I know the lyrics of the tune are not the happiest ones. But 'Sight of You' is one of the finest examples of a song that is pure bliss, euphoria, an undeniable recharge of energy, an adrenaline shot. It's the opening 25 songs, the day awakening, the sun arising. It's the power of guitars: a bursting bass beating throughout the song while Graeme Naysmith draws the unforgettable relentless lines, both melting into the fuzzy sound of the stratosphere. It's Ian Masters' fragile, weak vocals, surprisingly able to make his way trough the sonic landscape, It's the pause and, just afterwards, the stomping attack around the 3.20 minutes mark. It's the flawed noise, the galloping horse running over the hills. Almost 6 minutes of adventure. Oh, what a trip music can be!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 45

Facing tough days lately, but weekends and music are still able to provide an antidote to fight against them. Here's another new round of our TOP TEN playlist to prove it, diverse, rich and exciting, with many several new finds with a couple of surefires (one thanks to our dear friends at Fishrider Records, always something worth to dig out down under). And remember, this is also available at our Soundcloud blog page. So, join us!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spanish Indie 23: suggesting the best national acts

Another round of stunning national discoveries! A trio of wonders who are in love with synths and keyboards but also with a very open-minded concept of pop. Enojy!

Murciano Total. Hailing from Molina de Segura, Murcia (of course) this peculiar band began in 2012, almost as a joke, under the nickname Lena y Sema, but behind the project are José Lozano, former member of Automatics and Universal Circus and his partner Elena Molina. First demos, appeared on lyric-video format surfaced that same year, igniting the buzz and grabbing the attention of our dear friends at El Genio Equivocado, who quickly signed them. With diverse collaborators from bands like El Estudiante Larry, Perro, The Yellow Melodies, Alex de Klaus&Kinski and even Jota from Los Planetas, the duo compiled their work on the limited cassette 'Demos 2012-2013' in December 2013. After a two-hours sold out 7" on early 2014, now we can enjoy their first album, 'Quereres y Dejenes' out since February. Vintage synthesised pop, devoted to OMD or Gary Numan, but with a genuine knack for melodies and twisted lyrics, also recalling the hunt for the perfect pop tune that make Murciano Total closer to national legends like Family. Cult band on the making.

Espiritusanto. Hailing from Madrid and formed around 2010, the origins of this quintet, now sextet, have to be traced from the ashes of the band Portonovo, as two of their founding members were part of that melancholic, moody pop group. Their first reference (all the forthcoming releases are self-released and name your price download at their bandcamp) arrived in January 2012 with the digital EP 'Nadar a Crol', which includes a version of 'I Give You Two Seconds to Entertain Me' from the great Northern Portrait, followed that April by 'No Volvamos Aquí Nunca, No Será tan Divertido' EP. Two more EPs had been released to date. In May 2013, 'Femenino/Masculino' and, in February 2014, 'El Fondo del Aire es Rojo'. Their intricate, lush and ambitious view of pop place Espiritusanto on a unique position within the national scene. Male/female vocals, noise pop with a kraut envelope, sweet dreampop with hints of a darkness... A whole pop experience you shouldn't miss.

Antiguo Régimen. Coming from Valencia, this quartet formed at the end of 2011, although their sharp post-punk sound got defined around September 2012. On February 2013 they released their debut 7" single 'La Formación de la Sombra' on Burka For Everybody / Discodrome / Flexidiscos, followed in April 2014 by their first LP, 'Política de tierra quemada'. Like a flawless record found on a long-time forgotten vault of the post-punk 80s here's the chill, icy and desperate sound. Echoes of The Sound, The Chameleons, The Wake or, going back to Spain, Fasenuova, Nudozurdo or Décima Víctima. Menace and mystery.